Monday, November 19, 2007

Getting better by the day

Remember I said I was new to this. Some folks were not able to comment to the previous posts because they did not have Google accounts. Sorry about that. I changed the settings so that you can comment anonymously. I will add some of those suggestions as comments to this post, but I suppose they'll be under my name. Look for the real name at the bottom of each comment. Thanks for the suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larry (and Patty!),
I always liked "The Runaway Bunny" by Margaret Wise Brown. Hopefully you and Maya will, too!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait!! I will definitely keep up with this, I love this idea!

To kick you off, here are some of our favorites:

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...
The Little Engine that Could
The Red Balloon
Everyone Poops
The Gas We Pass
Goodnight, Moon
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Paddington Bear
The Stinky Cheese Man

Happy reading, and again, great idea!
-sari and hubby

Anonymous said...

Here was my list I tried to post. This is great. You already know this
because this is your life too, but as a teacher I know that reading to
kids early is so important. And not just board books and book that are
suppose to be appropriate for kids under one. Read books that have
beautiful pictures and rich vocabulary.

I love this idea! I have my favorite read alouds over my years of
teaching. I'll leave a few ideas for you.

Shel Silverstein in general, but A Giraffe and a Half specifically.

Virginia Lee Burton because she actually uses vocabulary beyond easy
reader words. I don't care that Maya is only one this year...she'll
appreciate it! Mike Mulligan and the Little House tied as favorites.

Steven Kellogg has great stories and several picture books to use as
she starts to talk and notice things on the page. I like Ralph's Secret
Weapon, Pinkerton books, Can I Keep Him? The Mysterious Tadpole is

To inspire a writer, read Judy and the Volcano by Wayne Harris.

To inspire a gardener and a scientist read June 29m 1999 by David

To inspire yourself to be the best father every day read Beauty and the
Beastly Children by Michael O. Tunnell.

To inspire Maya to be the light of the world, read The Tale of Three
Trees: A traditional folktake retold by Angela Elwell Hunt.

Aneesa Parks

Anonymous said...

Great! okay here are just a couple off the top of my head....nic

the day the babies ran away, Peggy Rathmann
Pirate pete, Kim Kennedy
how I became a pirate, melinda long
boats, byron barton
bad kitty, nick bruel
the napping house, Audrey wood
when the root children wake up, Audrey wood
king bidgood is in the bathtub, audrey wood (we like her) :)
officer buckel and gloria, Rathmann

I love these two....

My penguin osbert: Kimmel
Lost and Found: Oliver Jeffers

Tom and Nicole Benson

Christie said...

I would second The Napping House (Audrey Wood) -- it has some staying power through the years, and nice rhythm and repetition.

Freight Train (Donald Crews) is a great favorite for the rhythm of a train and colors.

When A&B were born, a librarian friend of mine (!) gave us board books of Sheep in a Jeep and Sheep in a Shop (Margot Apple is the author; the board books are slightly abridged). Again, nice rhyme and simple language, plus funny illustrations that will keep YOU from falling asleep. Anyway, those books came with a card that said, "It is no small thing to have one's own library." Which is true, and neat to think about as a parent. :)

Good luck blogging -- I'll see you around!