Friday, June 13, 2008

Whose Baby Am I?

Maya has been adding to her list of animal noises she can make, though we still cannot coax her to do them on demand. Every so often she surprises us with a new one. Her first was the bear. She would growl when we turned to that page in her animal book. Then she imitated the dogs in the neighborhood. Now she moos like a cow.

She seems to prefer books with photographs of animals to ones with drawings. However, Whose Baby am I?, by John Butler, has such realistic paintings that I think Maya will like this one.

And the animals are so soft and cuddly looking. Each pair of pages asks "Whose baby am I?" Then you turn the page to see the animal baby with it's mother.

This is a good one for beginners, as the proper names for the various animals is not given. For example, the author writes, "I am an elephant baby." He doesn't use the word calf until the very last page where all of the animals are shown with their proper names.

There is also a matching page toward the back with all of the baby and mother animals. So this book will grow with your child for awhile. While not a board book, the pages are tough enough for little hands.

And did I mention the adorable pictures? Look for it at the library and see for yourself.


Mel said...

Hi Larry! From Mel your former coworker at FL. I just saw your blog in today's paper. Happy Father's Day! Can't wait to read your blog!

Larry Longard said...

Hi Mel.

So glad to see your name on here. Glad you read the paper. Many days I have planned to stop at the RV library to see if you are working. I'll try harder next week.


Anonymous said...

Larry, Your blog is fabulous! And Maya is adorable. Keep up the good work!


old FL co-worker!

Larry Longard said...

Hey Angie,

Thank you so much. We'll try and get some newer posts and pictures up for you next week.