Monday, April 14, 2008

A Good Day

Kevin Henkes has been around a long time and produced some wonderful books. He's even had a few for older kids that I've enjoyed. Last year's A Good Day is a very simple book for the youngest of readers, though it's not a board book.

There a three sections to A Good Day. In the first, four young animals are having a bad day. Little yellow bird has lost a tail feather, little white dog's leash is tangled, etc. However, things turn around. Little orange fox finds his mother, little brown squirrel finds a large nut, etc.

Lastly, as a bonus, a little girl is happy to find a yellow feather. I would like to have seen all four animals represented in the last part, but perhaps that would have been a bit contrived.

The art hearkens back to classic children's books from the thirties and forties, just with more color than those typically used. It's quite homey. You may not care for the shortness of the text, but try it out and judge for yourself.

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