Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Toolbox Twins

Though it's been chilly and occasionally rainy this week, the weather outside today is lovely. Patty and I have been introducing Maya to the backyard. She loves playing with the plants (we hope they'll survive), digging in the mud, and putting twigs and other inappropriate things in her mouth. We have dozens of little projects in mind and are anxious to get them started.

Lola M. Schaefer's Toolbox Twins, illustrated by Melissa Iwai, is a great father-son book. Vincent and his dad each have a toolbox. They use the tools inside to perform all kinds of minor household repairs. Listen to the rhyming. "With levels and awls, they measure and mark...frames on walls, shelves in halls."

The soft, colorful illustrations depict the two handymen using their tools sometimes side by side, sometimes together. It's a nice story. When Maya wakes up from her nap, maybe I'll go open the toolbox and we'll fix something.


kais_mom said...

So, did you get anything fixed?

Larry Longard said...