Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ready, Set, Skip!

Right now Maya's walking hanging onto one hand. She's been at this stage for what seems like awhile. There's of course no reason to rush her, but she just seems to be having trouble letting go. Remember the advice in Santa Claus is Coming to Town? Just put one foot in front of the other.

Well, what about skipping? In Ready, Set, Skip!, by Jane O'Connor and illustrated by Ann James, one little girl is having trouble with this skill. She can do so many other things, like twirl, skate, and whistle. But this one thing eludes her.

Mom to the rescue. Here we have a very basic tutorial in skipping. "'Hop on one foot, then the other. That is skipping,' says my mother." And with a little practice, ta-da, we're skipping.

Maybe your child isn't having trouble with skipping, but this would be a good one if there's something s/he is having trouble. Use the opening pages to remind him/her that of all of the things s/he can do.

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mmwagner said...


What a wonderful log for your daughter as she grows and a service to others with interests in early literacy. Thank you for the work to do this.

Mary Wagner