Friday, April 18, 2008

Philadelphia Chickens

So due to my little trip this weekend, we've got four books to read and review. Our theme, because Maya is showing more and more of an appreciation for it, is 'music'. When we weren't outside in the beautiful weather, we read (and listened to) several books with music as their theme.

Awhile back Carrie mentioned Philadelphia Chickens, by Sandra Boynton, which we gave to Kai when he was born, though she won't admit it. It's one of our favorite gifts to give.

Philadelphia Chickens contains the words and music to several of Boynton's most charming and hilarious numbers. The order of the songs is very considerate. They start with random silliness but lead your children to bedtime. So you can put it on as you start your bedtime routine, and by the time you get to Pajama Time, your children will already be appropriately dressed. They "pajammy to the left, pajammy to the right" for awhile, then finish off with a lullabye and some instrumental music.

The first half of the book has lyrics and illustrations, so it may be used as a book. The second half has the music, if you're inclined to learn to play the songs on an instrument of your choosing.

And the music. It's clever, and you'll be tickled by some of the stars you get to hear sing. Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Natasha Richardson, the Bacon Brothers, and even Scott Bakula for those of you who miss hearing him croon on Quantum Leap.

The cover claims that Philadelphia Chickens is for "all ages, except 43." If you're 43, I'm not sure what is wrong with you, but just wait a few months then you can enjoy these wonderful songs with the rest of us.


kais_mom said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Since you said to leave a message, I thought I'd take this opportunity to mention a few more books that we love. I'm not as good as you are, Larry, in verbalizing why we like the books, but I'll give it a go.

Caps for Sale was given to my son as a birthday gift recently. Wow did that bring back memories! My son loves the monkeys, the rythm of reciting the colors, and of course, when I bellow "Caps for Sale". I love that I remember this book from my own childhood.

Also, there's a series of books by Byron Barton that my son loves. It started with my parents buying him the Airplane book, because he's obsessed with airplanes. Then my sister in law bought him the train book (another obsession), and while at the library we saw that he has has 2 more: Boats and Trucks. Fun books with great pictures.!

We look forward to your return and to more great books!

Larry Longard said...

Thanks, Carrie. We'll check them out.

Anonymous said...

I SO love the reference to Quantum leap...Out here just about 3 weeks WFX2 started the entire series from the all over again!