Friday, April 4, 2008

My Babies

The second book in our 'hide and seek' Special Double Issue is My Babies, illustrated by Caroline Davis. Again no author. Apparently words just magically appear in some board books.

This is a different sort of lift-the-flap book. The pages are two-ply, with folder-like tabs to lift the top layer to reveal a picture underneath. It's not what Maya's used to, so it may take a few readings for her to know what to do.

The baby sees many animals and asks, "Who's hiding?" Behind each grown up animal is a baby animal. Lastly of course it's the baby who's hiding behind a blanket on Mommy's lap.

Hide and seek books may be contributing to Maya's new 'look-at-that' voice. A few weeks ago she found her question voice, where her babbles rise in pitch at the end. Now they crescendo in the middle, the way ours do when we tell her what's under the flap.

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