Saturday, April 12, 2008

When Cats Go Wrong

Ever wonder why people keep cats as pets? I mean all cat-owners like to talk about is how poorly-behaved they are. We were no exception when last we owned a cat. Every book written about cats seems to focus on the trouble they cause. Perhaps it's because we find it so funny.

When Cats Go Wrong, by Norm Hacking and illustrated by Cynthia Nugent, is a musical book about a boy who cannot leave his naughty kitty home alone for a moment. Every time he returns to the house he finds evidence of mischeif.

Everything's in disarray,
It makes me grump and mutter.
There's cat hair on the tablecloth
And tongue marks on the butter.

The boy sings a sad song about all the stress in his life due to his frisky feline. He plays an accordian and bellows out the refrain.

Life with a naughty kitty
Isn't very pretty.
So I sing this mournful song
About when cats go wrong.

You can imagine how the music sounds. But you really don't have to imagine. There is an accompanying CD with the author playing and singing the song for you. The music is a tango, and the artwork is (Hacking tells you so) patterned after posters made by the French artist Lautrec. Pretty classy, but pretty funny.

Big kid books I'm reading

And speaking of funny, I just finished a children's novel called Alcatraz Vs. the Evil Librarians, by Brandon Sanderson. I've told you how librarians love to read books about themselves. Even if the librarians are the evil overlords ruling the world? Even better.

Maybe some of the jokes are funnier to a person working in a library, but I think all Hushlanders (that's you) will find this funny. Get it, HUSHlanders?

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