Wednesday, April 30, 2008


If you've been following the series of tiny books by Olivier Dunrea, first there was Gossie. Then there was Gertie. They learned to be friends and share.

In Ollie, we're introduced to a new friend. Ollie spends most of this book as an egg. Gossie and Gertie are waiting impatiently for their new friend to appear. But Ollie is defiant. He doesn't want to come out.

Instead he rolls around in the hay, across the yard, and under the sheep. "I won't come out!" he says from inside the egg.

Gossie and Gertie try a little reverse psychology. And it works. "I'm out!" says Ollie.

These are quick little reads for very young children. And the ducks are as adorable as they've ever been stomping about in their little red and blue boots.

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Katie R. said...

We LOVE the Gossie, Gertie and Ollie books. Excellent illustrations.