Monday, April 21, 2008

Hello Hello

Maya loves those guitar players. And her favorite of all is Dan Zanes, formerly of the Del Fuegos. Don't let the crazy hair put you off. He makes wonderful CDs that children and adults can enjoy. They're funny and catchy, but not corny. He uses original songs and traditional numbers that parents can really appreciate. On his website he says when his first daughter was little he decided to make the children's CDs he wished he could find.

Hello Hello is a book and CD. The book, illustrated by Donald Saaf, is a picture book version of the title song. The CD has that number plus four others. The music and lyrics to all five songs are toward the back of the book. The illustrator is also a musician who sings and plays banjo and mandolin on this and other Dan Zanes CDs.

Did you catch that? Banjo and mandolin on a children's CD. Also accordion, guitar, and upright bass. How does all of that sound to you? To me it sounds like music Maya and I both can appreciate.

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