Friday, January 18, 2008

Are You Ticklish?

Let's share another one of our daily reads. Are You Ticklish?, by Sam McKendry and illustrated by Melanie Mitchell, is both a lift-the flap and touch-and-tickle book. Each page asks in a little rhyme whether an animal is ticklish. Lift the reverse flap to find some fuzz or other texture to represent the feel of that animal. The idea is that when your child feels the texture the animal is being tickled and laughs.

Maya really gets into lift the flap books. She knows how to lift the flap, put it back, and turn to the next page. She's not so much into the tickling and oddly prefers the smoother ones like the elephant and crocodile to the fuzzy ones.

The last page asks, "Are you ticklish?" The illustration, a boy in a tent, doesn't really make sense to me. Maybe he's camping in the jungle where the animals are. But I get to tickle Maya and say, "Yes, you are."

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