Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chickens to the Rescue

This book was given to Maya by your friendly librarian, Nathan, when she was born, and we gave a copy to our friend Andrew for Christmas.

Chickens to the Rescue, by John Himmelman, is known technically as a silly book. Nathan dared me to read it out loud without screaming "CHICKEEEENS TO THE RESCUUUUUUE!!!" He's right. It can't be done. A group of hardworking chickens come to the aid of various members of the Greenstalk family, including livestock. If you've got time to stop and examine the rescue scenes, there are a lot of chickens to look at doing a lot of different things-good for working on those descriptive skills. Have your kids find the dozing, egg-laying chicken in each sequence (Hint: The egg hatches on the last page). As you turn to the end page, give your child a hug if they think to yell, "PIGS TO THE RESCUE!"

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Tom said...

AS Andrew's mommy, this book has become an instant favorite. The children like to look for their favorite silly chicken on each page. Also, That poor duck must always be in trouble, (i.e. click clack moo, duck ride a bike, etc.) Have fun reading this can be for ALL ages since the text is simple and not too wordy.