Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Perfect Day for It

There are quite a few fine "bears hibernating in winter" books (Bear Snores On, Leaves, etc.), and A Perfect Day for It, by Jan Fearnley, is my favorite. Unfortunately it's out of print. But the nice folks at Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis found a copy for me this week. I'm so excited to see it again I want to tell you about it right away.

Bear wakes up at an odd time and, declaring the day perfect, begins to climb the snowy hillside. His friends are curious about what he's up to and follow along. When they get to the top, Bear shares that the best reason to climb a hill is to slide back down. The final page is a four-panel fold-out that tracks the squealing critters down the mountain to a final "FALUMP".

Each animal has it's own way of walking. The bear goes "tramp tramp tramp", the fox goes "paddypaw paddypaw", etc., inviting movement and making this a good book to read standing up.

Perhaps you can find A Perfect Day for It at a used bookstore, or check the library and hope that the final page is in tact. Read it, then go sledding.

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