Sunday, January 13, 2008


After yesterday's post, I had a great conversation with Nicole about reading to infants and toddlers. I was trying to decide whether Maya's reactions to certain books are genuine responses to that book or conditioned responses to the way I present them. Today's book is Babies, by Susan Canizares and Pamela Chanko. It's a board book Maya and I read often and a good example of a situation where Maya gives a consistent response.

Part of Scholastic's My First Library series, Babies has photographs of babies having their various needs such as food, sleep, and hugs met by their parents. If there's one thing babies like to look at, it's babies. Furthermore, while beautiful, creative illustrations can be wonderful, babies will ultimately prefer the concreteness of a photograph. Patty knew this when she bought a full-length mirror and mounted it sideways near the floor so Maya could look at herself.

The first page is a hilarious picture of a baby probably at bath-time with fingers in mouth and a worried expression. The caption reads, "What do babies need?" Whenever I open this page Maya giggles. I ask myself whether she thinks the picture is that funny or whether the funny voice I use invokes the response.

I won't tell you what Nicole says, because I'd like to hear what some of you think. That's assuming that someone other than Patty is reading this. I guess we'll find out. I'll be looking forward to reading some comments tomorrow night.


Tom said...

Awe Man, I can hardly remember what i said! :) it's been a long SNOW day! Nicole

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I know I'm way behind on this, but I did want to put in my two-cents: Babies grow up FAST. Just last week I was lamenting that Addy (Maya's cousin, who just turned one) really had no interest in books (a tragedy for a bookworm like me!), other than something to carry around and bite. Two days later, she brought me a book, and sat through the entire thing as I read it! Some days, perhaps it means nothing, other days it might click. Since you don't know when those days will be, you just have to keep at it!
Sorry it took a bit for me to get on board, Larry, but I'm with you now!