Sunday, January 27, 2008

The End

Remember that episode of Seinfield that went backwards? The End, by David LaRochelle and illustrated by Richard Egielski, does the same sort of thing. So it's a bit abstract, but try it out with your kids. It's very fun.

The story begins with "And they lived happily ever after. They lived happily ever after because..." Each page ends with that provocative "because..." There are clues on some pages to help you guess what will come next, and some are easier than others. But some are so abstract, you'll need some luck on your side.

It's cleverly done from front to back (notice I didn't say beginning to end). The opening pages say "The End", and the title and dedication pages are in the back. And don't stop with the last page of text. There are still three illustrations to continue the story. Even the back cover is a precursor to the story. The way the flaps continue the illustrations on the end pages is a nice touch also.

The characters have a bit of a Maurice Sendak feel to them, so even though this may be a new illustrator for you, the images will seem familiar.

All in all, this is a very fun book for you and your kids.

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