Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lost and Found

Recommended by Nicole, Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers, is a sweet book about finding a new friend. A boy finds a penguin at his door and, assuming the penguin is lost, tries to help him find his way home again. After asking a few others, like his rubber duck, the boy looks in a book and discovers that penguins live at the South Pole. The two set out on a boat and enjoy the long journey there. After dropping the penguin off, the boy becomes lonely and realizes he has made a mistake.

The illustrations are bright and subdued, and so is the language in the text. It's a pleasant read to share with your little one snuggled close on a chair.

I've been thinking about how to make the blog useful. If you've noticed, I've started labeling the books at the end by age-group. Tonight I went back and labeled all of the older ones. I'm hoping this will help those who need a few quick recommendations when shopping for a gift. You can click on a label and see all the books with that same label. However, please don't trust my labels blindly. Always preview.

Here are the ones I've used so far:

Primary (kindergarten and 1st grade)
School-age (anything above that)

Any suggestions for other ways this can be useful to you?


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Tom and Nicole said...

ohh ohhh! Yesterday I went to the Portland's Childrens Museum...(anyone wanting to visit us can come with us to check out the REALLY cool museum in a REALLY cool town) ANyway when I was there I found a book.

Global Babies (Board book) by Global Fund for Children (Author)

It has pictures of the BEAUTIFUL babies from around the world! and I thought of you Katy. I am looking in to purchasing it, because Alison was interested in it. I hope it helps. Nic