Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Go, Baby, Go!

I was at the library today and rummaged through the board books to see if I could find some more suggestions for Kati. Most books with baby photos were pretty good, especially the Spanish language ones, interestingly enough. While I hesitate to endorse a publisher, it might be easiest to say that the DK and Candlewick Press ones seemed ok.

I brought home my favorite to talk about today, since Maya also loves books with baby photos. Go, Baby, Go! is one book in the Amazing Baby series. They don't put an author's name on the cover, which I really dislike (Some publishers seem to feel their name is more important than the author's). Though with board books I suppose the text is usually secondary.

If you look in the fine print on the back, it's Beth Harwood. I think her text is fun. The melody is only consistent in the first half, but the whole thing is fun to read, especially to a baby like Maya who is crawling and anxious to walk.

The babies in the photographs are adorable. There's one that looks like Maya, so you know it's true. The layout is attractive too, using bold fields and contrast (including black and white), which appeals to babies. There's even a pocket in the back for your baby's photo.

It's a pretty basic book, but just what babies need.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Larry - I'll check it out! I'm glad to hear that, in general, DK publishing does have some good books - though your caveat is well-placed, since they actually published the 'Baby Talk' book. I might try to check out their other 'lift the flap' books, since Addy gets a big kick out of that kind of interaction.

Larry Longard said...

You know, I wondered if that would be the case.