Sunday, January 20, 2008


The other day I mentioned Leaves, by David Ezra Stein, as another good seasonal, hibernating-bear book. This is one from this past year, and if you recall it was one of the nominees for the Mock Caldecott discussion I went to a couple of weeks back.

The bear is in his first year, and everything is new and wonderful. However, when the leaves begin to fall he becomes sad. He tries to stick them back on the trees, and when that fails he goes to sleep. He awakes to find new buds on the trees and is joyful again.

Leaves is a sweet book about a sweet bear. The pleasant illustrations are ink and watercolor.


Tom said...

I think I have a theme for my story-hour this week. books with no, or little text...i.e. Peggy Rathmann's 10 minutes till bedtime and Good night Gorilla. Do you have any other suggestions. Nic

Larry Longard said...

There are two great books by Jez Alborough about Bobo the monkey. They are called "Hug" and "Yes". I'll keep searching. Any other readers have suggestions for Nicole?

Tom said...

AH yes, we have Hug, I forgot about that one. Thank you!