Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Maya bought a unique new book for her cousin Addy's first birthday. Gallop!, by Rufus Butler Seder, has pictures that move. The cover calls it "Scanimation". They look sort of similar to those original film cylinder motion pictures.

Each page has a different animal. The horse gallops, the dog runs, and the eagle soars. It's like TV in a book. Stop at a store and check it out.

A classmate sent us an article about a pediatrics resident in Madison who "took time out" from medical school to get his library degree. He now has a unique assessment tool when he is examining his young patients. He gives the children books to see what they do with them. Do they hold it right-side up? Do they open it? Can older children describe what they see in the book?

So I started paying attention to what Maya does with books, and I have some pretty good evidence that I could bring her to this doctor and be proud. Here are some photos for those who have asked for more Maya pictures:

Doesn't it look like she should have a latte in her right hand on that last one?

Of course, she also has a habit of taking a book and smacking herself on the forehead repeatedly with it. Maybe I better stick with our current doc.

Sorry I don't have the link to the article. It was from a local paper, so the one I received doesn't work anymore.

Good night.

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