Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Knows Best

There are too zoos in the Twin Cities, and Maya and I, thanks to Nana getting a membership for us, went to both of them this week. She liked looking at a few of the animals she saw, but mostly she watched the chipmonks and geese and tried to find pieces of garbage on the ground she could pick up and eat (we really have to keep track of her).

The truth of the matter is well-captured in Baby Knows Best, by Kathy Henderson and illustrated by Brita Granstrom. Despite all the fancy toys she has, what does the baby want to play with? "The front door keys." What better book is there than a crumply, crinkly newspaper? And the best bath toy? "The old bath plug."

Sound familiar? How many times do you get together with other parents and talk about your baby playing with the cardboard box from a new toy? Henderson captures this well.

This is probably a great book to share with older brothers and sisters. Just remind them that they were exactly the same way. Grandma and Grandpa could tell them that you probably were too.

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