Thursday, May 15, 2008


Overboard!, by Sarah Weeks and illustrated by Sam Williams, is a book that will not teach Maya a single thing. She's got this one down. As I'm sure your little one does. So I think I'll just read this charming book to Patty.

A young bunny shows how to make just about anything sail through the air. "Drippy, slippy-slidey peaches. Peachy peaches..." fly from the high chair. "Squeaky, leaky rubber ducky. Lucky ducky..." is launched from the bathtub. Mommy's purse. Books from the shelf (an hourly occurrence in our house).

Poor bunny also takes a turn going overboard when she tries to climb the stairs. Good thing mommy is around. Finally, at bedtime, everything is jettisoned from the crib.

As you can see, the rhyme and alliteration are wonderful. So maybe you should read Overboard! to the children. But you've been warned.

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