Friday, May 16, 2008

Smile a Lot!

It's unbelievable sometimes how even the smallest babies can have such adult-like looks on their faces. Maya can go from looking so serious and plaintive to wild-eyed in an instance. We're especially wary of this mischievous look she gets when getting out of the car. Wondering what that could turn into.

Nancy Carlson gives some great advice to kids in Smile a Lot! She presents a number of situations that could lend themselves to sour faces, but shows how smiling through it can turn that situation around for the better.

"When Mom makes oatmeal with prunes for breakfast...Smile a lot! And ask if you can help her make chocolate chip pancakes tomorrow." But this doesn't mean you can't be a little mischievous. "Then figure out what to do with your oatmeal." (Like feed it to the baby).

If bullies are hogging the swings, play on the monkey bars and smile. They'll likely want to switch, leaving the swings to you (Bullies are easily confused).

Follow Carlson's advice, and she guarantees a good day.

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