Friday, May 23, 2008

Delilah D. at the Library

Have you noticed that libraries are changing a bit these days. Are missing the quiet of yesterday's libraries? Or do you like being able to grab a mocha on your way in and drinking it while you puruse the stacks (as long as you keep the cover on tight)?

For better or for worse, libraries are continually looking for ways to make themselves more comfortable and useful for the patrons. You know, we try to keep an open mind.

The librarian in Delilah D. at the Library, by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Rosie Reeve, seems a bit traditional, but is thwarted by an imaginative young girl.

Delilah insists she is a queen from a far away land. When she goes with her nanny and little brother to the library, she would like things to be the way they are in her homeland.

There the librarians give out free cupcakes, everyone runs, there is a trapeze to reach the high shelves, and kids bring their blankets and toys to listen to a beautiful princess read stories.

All of this of course exasperates the librarian. But it sounds great to the other children as well as a short lady wearing a woolly hat.

I guess I better take heed. What else do you think should be included in the library of tomorrow? We'll make a list.

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