Thursday, May 8, 2008

If Animals Kissed Good Night

Reading is such a great part of the bedtime routine. This last weekend Patty and I met several couples with new babies at my step-brother Corey's wedding. For each of them we got a copy of Pajama Time with a Mayareads bookmark shamelessly placed inside (if you all are reading this, welcome). That's the one we read before just about every nap.

A popular new idea at many libraries is nighttime storytimes. Children (and parents) are encouraged to come in their pajamas to hear bedtime stories and sing songs before going home to bed. They usually happen about six o'clock at night or so. Check out your library's website to see if they've started one, and if not maybe put a bug in your librarians ear. It's a really great way for parents who work during the day to attend programs with their kids.

If Animals Kissed Good Night, by Ann Whitford Paul and illustrated by David Walker, is a sweet new bedtime book. A mother and daughter imagine the different ways animals kiss their babies good night.

We begin with the sloths, who "would hang from a tree and start kissing soooo sloooowwwww..." As the sky goes from pink to black, we see the peacock "spin a fan dance and kiss with a kickity high-stepping prance" and the elephant "kiss and then sway and shower her calf with a wet, washing spray."

Periodically we revisit the sloths, who are "still...kissing good night."

The illustrations are soft and child-like, similar to the patterns on babies' pajamas and blankets. All and all a very lovely book.

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