Friday, May 16, 2008

No, No, Titus!

Everyone wants to find their place in life. In No, No, Titus!, by Claire Masurel and illustrated by Shari Halpern, a little puppy finds his.

Titus has his first day on the farm and is looking for something to do. When the school bus comes, Titus wants to go. "'HONK, HONK,' went the school bus. 'WOOF, WOOF,' barked Titus. 'No, no,' said the children. 'Dogs don't go to school!'"

Can he drive the tractor? No. Milk the cow? No. Lay eggs? No. Titus is forlorn. What is a good farm dog supposed to do?

As night falls and he hears the pitter, patter of the fox's feet, Titus finds his place and becomes the hero of the farm.

The illustrations are collages of brightly colored paper. The text has a great deal of onomatopoeia and rhyme (The meter doesn't always stay true, so be prepared for a few choppy spots) with a good structure that kids will pick up on quickly.

A good book for reading aloud.

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