Sunday, May 11, 2008

Machines At Work

A couple of weeks back, Carrie told us that Kai loves Byron Barton's books. I checked out the ones we had in my library, and I think Kai is on to something. Barton's books about all the things that go are simple, colorful, and cute as the dickens.

And their not just for boys. I've got two examples of girls who love machines. Maya can sit on our sidewalk for a long time just watching the cars go by. They're right up there with dogs. And yesterday a little girl who comes to the library often with her father was oohing and aahing over the muscle cars in Road and Track magazine. I asked the dad if she got that from him. Nope, he doesn't particularly like cars, but they have a neighbor who has an actual drag racer.

So let's talk about one Carrie didn't mention in case she's looking for Kai's next Byron Barton book. Machines At Work is about construction work. The author talks directly to you. "Load that truck. Dump that rubble. Now let's eat some lunch."

The words are few, but you should spend as much time as your child wishes on each page talking about what these guys are doing and what the different machines are. I'm sure questions will arise.

The book ends with, "O.K. Stop the machines. Let's go home. More work tomorrow." What a great introduction to a day in the life of a construction worker.

One time the building next to the library I worked at was being knocked down. Let me tell you I could have put up posters, set up chairs, handed out popcorn. The kids sat by the windows and watched the backhoe knock down the walls all day long. I should have probably sat in the corner reading Machines At Work out loud from open to close.

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kais_mom said...

We hadn't run across this one yet Larry... I'll have to keep my eyes open. Thanks!