Sunday, May 11, 2008

No More Pacifier for Piggy!

Maya has never been much for pacifiers, but she has plenty of other addictions that will have to be broken someday. We've gone through a few already, like night feedings. It's never easy.

Bernette Ford has a new book to help with the doffing of the nook called No More Pacifier for Piggy!, illustrated by Sam Williams. I think it's pretty good, but I bet there are some other books out there that have worked well for others. If you have a favorite, or a tried and true technique, please share for those who are heading toward that stage soon.

In this book, Piggy is playing Peek-a-boo with Ducky. Only problem is Piggy can't smile at Ducky, and when he giggles, his pacifier falls on the ground and gets dirty. Piggy also can't be the one to say Peek-a-boo.

When Piggy's back-up pacifier falls and gets dirty, Piggy is sad, but Ducky helps him forget about it by playing together for hours. At the end of the day Piggy declares, "No more pacifier for Piggy!"

So perhaps this book will be helpful to you if you're thinking it's time. Good luck with that.

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