Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fancy Nancy

Awhile back I asked some librarians for suggestions on how to encourage Maya's creative side as she grows. One thing that came up several times was having some old clothes and accessaries in storage. Kids may use a single hat in so many different ways.

Though I'm hoping that it wouldn't lead to the tom-frillery seen in Fancy Nancy, by Jane O'Connor and illustrated by Fobin Preiss Glasser. Nancy likes all things fancy, and it shows in the way she dresses and the fancy French words she uses.

The trouble is the rest of her family just doesn't get it. Seeing a poster for dance classes at the supermarket, Nancy decides to hold "fancy lessons." Nancy's folks are very supportive. They attend the lesson and even take notes.

After dressing up in the most outlandish clothing the gaudy party go out for pizza and a lot of stares. Unfortunately, Nancy can't quite carry the fancy parfait (see, French) and becomes quite messy.

After a bath and a homemade parfait, Nancy and her parents say, "I love you." Because, in Nancy's fine opinion, "...there isn't a fancy-or better-way of saying that."

I suppose 'je t'aime' would work, but oh well. A great book for your fancy little girl.

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