Friday, May 9, 2008

Maisy Goes to the Library

I've mentioned before my prejudice against series books. The Maisy books, by Lucy Cousins, are one of those that I hadn't given much of a chance. But then I was looking for good books about libraries and looked through Maisy Goes to the Library. I founds it's a nice, simple book with good text and cute illustrations.

Maisy goes to the library to read a book about fish in a nice, quiet place. She finds books about fish by the aquarium (WARNING: Not all libraries have aquariums, but some do.) and begins to read. Her friends come along and interupt her reading (WARNING: Finding a quiet place to read in a children's library is not an easy task.)

At storytime, the ostrich librarian reads "There was an old woman who swallowed a fly." The animals think this is pretty hilarious. They all check out there books and go outside to pretend they are the characters in the story they just heard.

Despite the inaccuracies mentioned above, this is a great book for preparing your children for a trip to the library, especially if you plan to allow your child to get his/her very own library card.

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