Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Bears Can!

Yesterday we watched Maya and her big cousin Addy play and swim together. They're not quite old enough to get into any real trouble, but we try to guess who, if either, might grow to be the instigator of mischief.

In Big Bears Can!, by David Bedford and illustrated by Gaby Hansen, it's Little Bear that brings on the trouble. He asks if big bears can do some of his favorite things like jumping on the couch or swinging on the curtains. Uh Oh. By the time Mommy gets home the house is in shambles, and Big Bear is in trouble. It seems at first as though Little Bear is trying to coax Big Bear to make mischief, but he feels very bad and wants to make it up to Big Bear. He comes up with something that big and little bears can do to feel better.

A really nice touch (no pun intended) in this book is that all of the bears are a little bit fuzzy. If your child, unlike Maya, likes to feel soft things this feature is a nice treat.

Maya had a wonderful birthday, by the way. Right now she's sleeping it off. Hope everything is well with you.

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