Friday, March 14, 2008

Where Does It Go?

Here is another one of those dangerous books. After reading Margaret Miller's Where Does It Go?, you might start finding everyday objects in the most unlikely places. Such as crayons in the cat's dish or jackets in the refrigerator. But then doesn't that already happen?

In each four-page sequence of this photography book, we're asked to find a proper place for something we use daily ("Where does Amanda put her book?"). Then we're given four ridiculous options ("Under the chair?/Under the parrot?/On her baby brother?/In the mailbox?"). After a few giggly NO's, turn the page to find the answer ("On the shelf").

And the best part is there really is a photo of a parrot sitting on a book (Another Margaret Miller book, by the way). Imagine the possibilities.

We've been talking about some ways to work with our children's vocabulary and narrative skills. This book is quite a useful and guaranteed fun tool you can put in your book box.

Early Literacy Tip of the Day

To keep working on that Print Motivation, make books a part of everyday life for your small child. Put a few books in the toy box. Especially board books. Those are toys as much as anything anyway.

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