Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hansel and Diesel

A parody of the well-known fairy tale set in a junk yard, Hansel and Diesel, by David Gordon, is pretty darn clever. Some of those old fairy tales are pretty dark, and new interpretations such as this lighten things up a bit. Though I'll warn you, in this case some of the images are a little frightening. Instead of being thrown in an oven, the two little pickup trucks are threatened with shredding. The illustrations are also done in very dark tones, so preview it before you share it with your little ones so you know what to expect.

Hansel and Diesel, two very adorable pickup trucks live in a salvage yard with their parents, who are worried there won't be enough fuel for the winter. The brave little trucks set out to find fuel and come upon an oasis, similar to the one on the Chicago tollway.

A little old winch (get it, witch/winch?) offers them all the fuel they need and a place to rest. But her true intentions show right away. They make a daring escape attempt, but are caught by the Wicked Winch's strong rope.

Luckily their parents are following the trail of bolts Hansel had cleverly left behind and come to the rescue. The Wicked Winch meets her demise (again, take heed), and the family move into the gas station.

Be sure to familiarize your kids with the original tale first, so that they may enjoy the similarities and differences in this entertaining rendition.

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