Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fleecy Chick

Maya received a few books for her birthday. One is a bit out of the ordinary. It is a completely cloth book. Fleecy Chick (had to look up the name on the publisher's website) doesn't list an author, but the illustrator is Patti Jennings.

Contrary to what I've been saying about Maya not liking soft, fuzzy things, she does like this book. However, she doesn't exactly snuggle with it, which seems to be it's intended purpose, any more than with her other board books.

Another upside is that when Maya chews on Fleecy Chick, it doesn't eventually begin to shed little bits of paper material. So it's certainly as good as a board book.

Charlie the Chick tells us some of his favorite activities, including pecking, flapping, and hiding. But most of all he loves to cuddle.

So for your cuddly baby, look for this type of book up near the check-out of your local independent bookstore.

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