Saturday, March 1, 2008


All right, an ode to fathers! I'm naturally on the lookout for books that show dads interested in and able to take care of their kids. I know not all children's books depict dads as bumbling or disinterested, but there are enough of them to make me glad to see new books that portray dads in a positive light flooding the market.

Daddies, by Lila Prap, shows a host of baby animals having fun with their daddies. The father in the beginning gives his son the five-minutes-to-bedtime warning. Then the two pretend together that they are animals and think of all the ways animal daddies interact with their children. Finally the little boy notices his father's heavy eyes and suggests he get some rest.

The author is by no means an accomplished poet (the meter seldom stays true), but the words are catchy. Also, she throws in a boing, boing and a who-whoooooo to keep things lively.

The illustrations are huge, filling the page. The expressions on the animals' faces are silly and jump out at you.

Write this one down and be sure to pick it up on your next library trip. Make sure us dads get some air time.

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kais_mom said...

I'll have to check this one out. Sounds like it may be a good one for the Father's Day list...