Friday, February 29, 2008

Who Likes Rain?

The second in our 'inclement weather' Special Double Issue (see below) is Who Likes Rain?, by Wong Herbert Yee. Now there's a good question. I'll say it depends upon the temperature. If it's warm I don't mind, but freezing rain makes me wish it would just get a little bit colder and go ahead and snow.

Well, the hero of this tale likes rain, and she looks around for others who do as well. She poses several riddles:

"When it rains,
Who comes out to squirm?
I know! Do you?
Creep, creep..."

(turn the page)

"It's a worm!"

There are very helpful clues such as animal noises so that most preschoolers should be able to answer many of the riddles. Lots of great onomatopoeia, too ("Pitty-plip-PLOP, Pitty-pat-SPLAT!).

A good lap book for a rainy day. Though be careful. When you're done, you may get yanked outside by your inspired youngster.

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