Friday, February 29, 2008

A Kitten Tale

Our Special Double Issue theme for yesterday and today is 'inclement weather and those who enjoy it'. I always talk about how much I like snow, and around here that doesn't warrant too many sideways glances, but I do remember when a friend visited from California in March last year, she opened the front door one morning, said, "That's impossible," and closed the door again. I believe she was referring to the temperature.

Three of the four kittens in Eric Rohmann's A Kitten Tale are not looking forward to their first winter. The fourth kitten-the adventurous one who scrounges in the mailbox and pounces the frog-can't wait. When snow finally falls, three kittens scurry under rugs and tables, but out the kitty door goes the fourth. Will his friends join him? Bet you can't wait to find out.

These are some adorable little kittens. My favorite image is when the frog jumps away, three kittens turn their heads in unison to watch it go.

The dedication says, "For my mother and sister, admired by kittens everywhere." I feel like this book is just an excuse for Rohmann to paint some cute, frolicking kittens. I say let him paint.

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