Saturday, February 9, 2008

Before you were Mine

The second book in our 'dogs with issues' theme (see below) is Before You Were Mine, by Maribeth Boelts and illustrated by David Walker. This tale is about rescuing dogs, and there is a note in the back about the benefits of adopting a pet from a shelter.

In this story a boy ponders what his new, loving dog's life was like before becoming his. Were the previous owners nice or mean? Did they try hard enough to find their lost dog? Was the dog lonely or hungry as a stray?

He also reminisces about his previous dog who grew old and passed away, and about how he thought he'd never find another dog to love and be loved by.

Proceeds from this book go to the Humane Society, so it's doubly worth seeking out, especially when you are preparing to buy that first pet.

Patty and I figure we'll wait until Maya is old enough to enjoy a puppy or kitten before we get her first pet. I'm thinking the difficult thing will be to pretend we don't want one ourselves if she starts asking before it's time.

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Tom and Nicole said...

here here! Andrew has been asking for a dog. then I asked him, "what about Amy?" His response, flatly, "she can have a cat." me again, "what about Alison" Andrew again Flatly,"she can have two mice". I say, "ok" and then play the game further. So I query, "what if we have another baby?" Andrew replies, Proudly, "He can have a rat!".