Sunday, February 3, 2008

Double Pink

The theme for today's Double Special Issue (see below) is authors whose last names are Feiffer.

Double Pink, by Kate Feiffer and illustrated by Bruce Ingman, is a cautionary tale about having too much of a good thing. Madison loves pink. She wants everything pink. She even gives away her non-pink stuff to her friends. After she paints herself pink, she gets lost in her bedroom and her mother cannot find her. Oh dear.

Of course there is a ton of pink in this book. It's a good one to read with your obsessed toddler.

The question now is, are the two Feiffers related? I consulted the author sketches and dedications in these two books for clues. Kate has a daughter named Madeliene who loves pink and inspired her book. And both books are dedicated to Madeliene. Could Madeliene be Jules Feiffer's granddaughter?

Nicole found the answer to my question about If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The line is used by Harrison Ford (I was right about that part) in Air Force One. I'm going to send along a prize to her. I'll give a prize for this one as well.

Hmmmm, I wonder. Should reference librarians be elligable? Do any reference librarians actually read this blog?

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