Monday, February 25, 2008

Slugs in Love

Patty and I finally got out to celebrate Valentine's Day this weekend. We had a nice vegan dinner and went to see the Wailin' Jennies. So in honor of our first date in a year or so, here's a belated Valentine's book.

Slugs in Love, by Susan Pearson and illustrated by Kevin O'Malley, is only gross if you think about it too much. It's really, really cute and sweet.

Marylou loves Herbie from afar, but Herbie has never met Marylou (there are hundreds of slugs around after all). Too shy to approach him directly, Marylou leaves love poems around where she knows Herbie will see them. Not being able to hold a pen, Marylou uses slime.

little star,
How I wonder
what you are.
Herbie, Herbie,
handsome slug,
Marylou would
love a hug.

Herbie is naturally taken aback. He tries desperately to find out who Marylou is. He writes his own poems, but, not being as clever, they sadly are washed away or moved before Marylou can see them.

Your poems make me happy.
Your poems make me glad.
But I can't find you, Marylou,
and that makes me feel sad!

Finally, Herbie gets it right, then Marylou writes a poem so large on the side of the barn with an arrow pointing right to her, Herbie can't miss it.

Depending on your feelings about slugs or romance, you'll either say "Awwwwww!" or "Ewwwwww!"

By the way, when I did the Google image search for 'slugs in love' there were actually a dozen or so photos that came up before the book cover. Try it.

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