Friday, February 15, 2008

Little Butterfly

Maya's Nana brought back a gift from her vacation, and I know I like it. Little Butterfly is put out by Chronicle Books. It is a little novelty board book with a finger puppet sticking out the middle.

Now I like puppets, and I like books. So I'm a sucker for these little guys. There have been others in the past, so no need to look for this specific one. Although watch out for one I recall with a plastic animal sticking out. It was either a bear or a dog. It was hard to tell. And it was a bit frightening.

Anyway, this little book is darling. It goes through the life of a butterfly, starting as a caterpillar and on through the chrysalis. The different manifestations surround the puppet on the page.

The fun thing is to pretend the caterpillar is reading the book. The text is rhyming and pretty at times. I think you and your little one will enjoy it.

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kakragtorp said...

Being much more into running than sitting and reading books, Maya's cousin Addy got a big kick out of this one, mostly because I chased her around with the little puppet. Hey, at this point, I'll take ANY interaction with books!