Monday, February 11, 2008

Hurry! Hurry!

The ever-prolific Eve Bunting has published a nigh-wordless book, Hurry! Hurry!, illustrated by Jeff Mack.

All of the farmyard animals are rushing. Mothers (and sheepdogs) are helping little ones along. Everyone is obviously very excited about something. And that something is a new chick being born in the barn.

Most pages have just one word repeated, such as "Faster. Faster." or "Run. Run." Great for pointing to and letting your child see the words they will have memorized before long. Making that connection between the letters on the page and sounds coming out of our mouths is an early step to learning to read.

The animals are adorable. Mack knows how to layer many strokes of paint to make his critters look fluffy. The colors are bright, bright, bright.

Don't forget the animal noises.

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