Monday, February 18, 2008

Animals Aboard

You already know I like animals. Put those animals on a train and throw in a good melody, and you've got a hit. From Johnny Cash to Dan Zanes, there are a lot of train songs out there. Trains make for great songs, because of the rhythm I suppose.

Animals Aboard, by Andrew Fusek Peters and illustrated by Jim Coplestone, should be one of those books with an accompanying CD with someone like Russell Crowe's band playing the song because they could probably use the gig and the Bacon Brothers are kept busy by Sandra Boynton.

Animal musicians hop on board the train one by one and play their instruments. The horse plays guitar, and the duck plays drums. The chicken is a DJ apparently, scratching the records with his beak in Flinstones style. The one that I can imagine the best is the pig on the saxophone, "Squeal! Squeal! Squeal!" Ornette Coleman could do that.

As I tried singing it for Maya, I did stumble over parts where there seemed to be some missing syllables. However, with a little practice, I think I could get to know where to place some rests to make it flow smoothly.

Look for the fox and the rabbit in the last half of the book (including the back cover).

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kais_mom said...

Trains, animals, and music... a combination of my son's favorite things! We'll have to try it out while he still seems to like my singing. =)