Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Danced the Polka

Twice in a week. Our Special Double Issue theme for yesterday and today is music. Baby Danced the Polka, by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by Jennifer Plecas, is another homage to parents struggling to get their little one to bed. I have to remember, when Maya just won't close her eyes no matter what I do, that eleventy-kazillion books have been written about just this issue. So it must be pretty common.

Mama and Papa try to get some housework done while Baby sleeps, but he has different ideas. He begins to galavant around with the various animals in his room. The rhymes and melody are easy to pick up, each ending with a flap to lift, revealing which animal is Baby's current dancing partner.

For example, "While Papa starched his long johns,/And Mama stitched her coat.../Baby boogie-woogied/With the frisky little..." What could it be? Lift the flap; it's a "GOAT". Older kids should be able to guess easily by the rhyme.

Finally Mama and Papa join in the jamboree, which does the trick.

This one really resonates with me. When Maya really wants to stay awake though I know she's tired, she's especially animated. In my mind, I hear, "Baby danced the polka in Papa's tired lap."

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