Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fred Stays with Me!

Didn't post yesterday, so today's Special Double Issue theme is dogs with issues. No, the dogs don't have issues, but they help kids get through difficult times.

Fred Stays with Me!, by Nancy Coffelt and illustrated by Tricia Tusa, is about a little girl in joint custody. She sometimes lives with her mom, and sometimes with her dad. But her dog, Fred, goes where she goes.

The story shows how some things are different between homes, like the girl's sleeping arrangements. However, some things are the same, like Fred's sleeping arrangements (the floor). One difference is the way Fred gets into trouble. At mom's he barks at the neighbor's dog. At dad's he eats dad's socks.

When both parents are tired of the dog's antics, they each exclaim, "Fred can't stay with me!" The little girl lays it out plain and simple: "Fred doesn't stay with either of you. Fred stays with ME!" So they work it out.

Fred is a good constant in a precarious situation for the little girl. Good dog, Fred.

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