Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Here is another of those sweet, gentle books. Put Someday, by Alison Mcghee and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, on your list of gift books for new parents, especially new moms with a baby girl.

The book spans the life of a daughter, from birth to old age. The mother of a school-age girl first reminisces about her daughter as a baby and toddler, first snows and holding hands while crossing the street.

She goes on to contemplate the changes her daughter will likely experience in life, the first time she experiences sorrow and her world getting bigger as she goes off to university. She imagines one day her daughter may have a little girl of her own, and when the daughter's hair begins to gray, she will remember her mother.

Mcghee and Reynolds (an author also) know how to create touching, memorable books. This is a good example.

I'm going to add the label parent. I'll look back for others. This is also a great book to read with your daughter.

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kais_mom said...

How sweet!

You'll have to break this book out when Maya reaches school age.... oooh what a scary thought, huh?!