Saturday, February 23, 2008

Baby! Baby!

Hey, now here is a clever book that will definitely make you laugh, if not your baby, though I have little doubt that you will be chortling together. Baby! Baby!, by Vicky Ceelen, has those wonderful baby photographs we've talked about before. Babies love to look at other babies, and while a beautiful illustration is very nice, your baby will be most attracted to actual photographs.

Accompanying some adorable baby photos are photos of baby animals. Each two-picture spread juxtaposes a baby animal and a baby human sharing remarkably similar poses or faces.

I'll just blurt out my personal favorite. The baby and kitten sleeping with the tips of their little pink tongues sticking out could almost make you cry. Additionally, the smug baby next to the equally smug giraffe is hilarious.

The only one I'm a bit wary of is the rabbit. The comparison of a big-smiling baby's first four teeth to a rabbit's is clever and funny, but the rabbit's a bit alarming, especially when you consider that the poor little guy's probably screaming to make that face. I found myself having flashbacks to that B horror flick, Night of the Lepus.

Pick this one up, then leave it laying around on your coffee table when company comes. You won't regret it.

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