Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Lamb Who Came for Dinner

The second book in our 'unlikely friends' Special Double Issue (see below) is The Lamb Who Came for Dinner, by Steve Smallman and illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy.

The scenario here has been done many times before. Remember the Tom and Jerry where the big bulldog comes across the little kitten? He tries to be ferocious, but is overcome by the kitten's charm and helplessness. Another favorite of mine is Sitting Ducks, by Michael Bedard.

In this story a frozen little lamb knocks on Wolf's door just as he is lamenting that he hasn't had any meat in awhile. Wolf begins to take care of the lamb's needs, reasoning that his meal will be better. But before long, when the little lamb falls asleep in his arms and kisses him, he can't take it anymore. Wolf sends the lamb away. Soon he regrets this then goes out looking for her. When he finds her back at his cabin, he offers her friendship and vegetable soup.

It's a good story to read to those little ones who love to have their toy animals attack each other. The little lamb is really cute and pitiful, especially when she falls asleep in the wolf's arms.

This is especially touching to me right now because Maya is getting really good at giving hugs.

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