Tuesday, February 26, 2008

He Came with the Couch

What do you do with a guest who just won't leave? He doesn't make any trouble. In fact he doesn't do anything. Doesn't eat. Doesn't speak. He just sits there.

In He Came with the Couch, by David Slonim, one family decides to just let him be. Deciding they needed a new couch, Sophie's family searches and searches until they find just the right one. Only problem it comes with a permanent resident. A doctor says he needs to get out of the house, so the family takes him (avec sofa) on some vacations (the picture of the couch in front of the Lincoln Memorial is worth the price of admission). Nothing to be done about it.

The fellow doesn't budge until Sophie is falling out of a tree in the yard. Suddenly he comes to the rescue in the most exciting way. Now he's part of the family. In case he was getting lonely, the family decides they need a new, special chair.

A quirky book with a good feeling about it, I smile from the first page to the last every time I read it.

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