Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bark, George

Rob Reid recommended Jules Feiffer. So I picked out an old favorite, Bark George. And since I didn't post last night, today's Special Double Issue will be authors whose last names are Feiffer (see above).

When George's mother asks him to bark, George makes other animal sounds. So George's mother takes him to the doctor. One by one the doctor digs down deep inside of George and pulls out increasingly large animals. Finally George barks. The mother is happy as they walk home by crowds of people until....

Of course the attractions here are the ridiculousness of all of those large animals being inside of a little puppy (and a puppy mooing) and making animal noises.

Now, animal noises may seem like just silly fun to make a story interesting, but I found out otherwise this week. Making animal noises for your baby helps them learn to distinguish different sounds. This later leads to distinguishing parts of words, which helps children learn to read.

So if people look at me funny in the aisles of the grocery store, I'm just going to keep on mooing. I'm getting Maya ready to read.

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Anonymous said...

This may relate more to what Nicole said in an earlier post about repetition reinforcing reaction to books, but we were reading a simple little book with pictures of different animals, and I swear Maya growled back at me after I made the sounds for both the lion and the bear. Distinguishing the two may take some time, but it's pretty exciting to think she's beginning to connect with the books - if even just with the animal noises to start with.

Maya's mom