Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Talk

Baby Talk: A Book of First Words and Phrases, by Judy Hindley and illustrated by Brita Granstrom, is perfect for that stage when your toddler's vocabulary is growing one word at a time. It's full of common early words babies learn.

There is text for you to read, usually ending with a word or phrase your baby may recognize. Here's an example: "Baby back at home again/Here's a bowl and spoon./Where's the baby's dinner?/It's all gone!"

The text could be random scenes strung together, but Hindley goes above and beyond to take baby through a typical day. The book begins with the baby getting dressed, then saying "Up, Up, Up!" and ends with bedtime: "Night-night, night-night, night-night...."

Along the way you encounter many words. If some are still new, that's great. Maybe those will be your baby's next ones.

Yesterday I came across an interesting website called "Read the Books." If your toddler would like to hear book reviews but can't read, what do they do? Well, this website has helpful animated characters who will read the review for you. Other items on the page, such as reader ratings, are depicted graphically.

Unfortunately, it's only available by subscription. So check out your library's kids databases to see if they have it. If not tell your librarian about it. There is a 30-day free trial for libraries. Maybe they'll pick it up.

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